Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Spiritual Eyes

Earthly eyes say, "impossible!" Kingdom eyes say, "possible." 

We are spiritual beings not meant to live wholly in the natural. We are spiritual beings meant to see and live in a realm beyond what our earthly eyes can see. It is the darkness of this world that blinds us to the spiritual. That wants us to see through religious eyes, worldly eyes, faithless eyes. But as children of the Light we are to be living and walking in the Light and seeing everything through spiritual eyes. The enemy wants us to stay in the darkness of the natural world. God wants to draw us into the light as He is in the light and break free from the bondage of this world. We were created to feel, see, experience things beyond our imagination on a daily basis. But sin marred that for us. Sin stole that from us. Sin promised something better, but instead stole from us the best. We were created in the image if a triune God, which means Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! When we allow our spirits to break free and live in the spiritual realms, our earthly eyes and other senses are heightened and they too can see things they've never seen before. Instead of our natural eyes determining what is true, what is real, what is possible...now our spirit in line with Holy Spirit and the living Word, determines what is true, real, and possible. And what used to be impossible is now wholeheartedly possible. Now our faith moves those mountains we couldn't see past before. Now every person and every circumstance is seen through eyes of faith, love, and hope. When we walk in Spirit and Truth, when we walk in love and power..anything is possible and we are never without hope. We ARE the hope! 

What sin stole, Jesus paid back in full and the blessed us 10 fold over again! Jesus gave us back the best! So, why are we living like the rest of the world: religious, hopeless, faithless, blind, and powerless? Holy Spirit is inside of us!!! Holy Spirit!!! The One who hung the stars!! The Living Breathing active Word of God is in us!! He is speaking to us! If we listen long enough we'll not only hear Him, but we'll feel Him in us all the time. It's this fire growing and growing so big that it has to come out and you just can't contain it!! 

If you've never felt it before than ask him for it!! 
Ask Him to show you like in Ephesians where Paul prays that we would understand the height the length the width the depth of the love of Christ and the power of his resurrection! 
Ask him to show you how to walk in Spirit and Truth. 
Ask Him to purge darkness out of you so that you can walk fully in the light as He is in the light! Ask Him!! 
Ask Him and He will give you everything!
He will not withhold Himself from you!! But do not withhold yourself from Him! When you ask, You better be prepared to act. His Word is alive and active! It cannot remain dormant. He will expect you to obey His Word. 
Ask Him! 
And when He reveals His Word to you Obey Him! And you will go deeper with Him than you thought possible. Every step of obedience draws you deeper and every step deeper draws you to want more. And whenever you want more He will give it because we were created for Him! We were created for spiritual things! We were not created for natural things! We were created to see and experience Him through spiritual eyes. Every time He reveals more and we are faithful to obey,it's like being flooded with light! It's the best feeling ever! He just takes takes us deeper and deeper until spiritual eyes become the natural for us. He is faithful to complete His good work in us. But we have to seek Him. We have to want Him. We have to choose to throw off the natural and jump in with our whole heart believing that when we do, He won't disappoint. 

Through natural eyes, it's all about what's in it for me? What reward do I get for my obedience? If I obey, what will I get? What do I have to sacrifice if I obey? 
Through spiritual eyes it's All about Him. It is no sacrifice! 
He is the prize! 
When He becomes your prize you are in want of nothing. 
When you are in want of nothing you have nothing to lose. 
And everything to gain.

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